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Western Fair 2009

Time for the classic annual Western Fair. The last few years I remember it being crummy weather during the fair, and although it threatened rain for the first little while, nothing ever came of it.
We had a great time; Trisha brought her kids which worked out well as the boys did the rides they wanted and the girls had theirs.
It was not quite as busy as I would have expected for the first night, but that's not to say that there weren't weirdos a plenty...and that is not to mention the carnies!

Weather cleared just as we got there

"Burning Man" stunt

This guy is apparently Canada's best stunt man; he went all the way around the track on 2 wheels

Dragon Coaster

WOO HOO! That ride was awesome!

Best friends

That is disgusting (No, I didn't have any)

Nina and Trish 'measuring up'

Ferris Wheel at night

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