Welcome to my blog. Here I have tried to capture the adventures of our little family and the trials and tribulations of our never ending garden project(s). Take a look around and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by. Jer.


Family portrait day

We decided to try some home family portraits today...at least of the kids so far. I think they turned out pretty good. There were more than a few outtakes but worth the end result.





6 bucks and a slim chance

Well, it's about that time that I get the itch to get out in the yard and do something...I was drooling over some lawn mowers at Home Depot already this week. But in line with the economic times I opted for a cheaper fix and went with a window ledge seed start kit. However, not wanting things to be too easy I planted things that really have no right in this climate zone (5b). I planted 6 peat pods of White Pampas Grass (which the seed pack said is Zone 5 hardy - contrary to EVERYTHING else that I have read) and 6 peat pods of Agapanthus (Storm Cloud - I think). The Agapanthus seeds were harvested and gifted by my neighbour last fall. This one, if it works, will really surprise me although hers is going on it's third year...but we will see how it made it through the frigid winter this year. Below are pics of what I hope to get, but I'm not holding my breath.

Humble beginnings

White Pampas Grass

Agapanthus 'Lily of the Nile'


The itch is back...

Well, I have been back at planning the backyard again. The recent 'heat wave' (+4ยบ C) has got the creative juices flowing again, not to mention I found out that there is a great new garden centre nearby that will be specializing in conifers.