Welcome to my blog. Here I have tried to capture the adventures of our little family and the trials and tribulations of our never ending garden project(s). Take a look around and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by. Jer.


The neverending story...

What would the long weekend be without another garden project...plus the plants are just so cheap right now...
This is our new shade/partial shade corner. We have a couple of nice new Adirondack chairs and a planned water feature yet to add. I will post when complete.

Have a great Canada Day Weekend!

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After the rain...

A brief respite from the heat today...about 1 hour of rain...better than nothing.


On the verge

Like many other garden bloggers, I am just waiting now for all the prime time summer plants to burst into colour. I am thinking within a week or two, most should be in fine form.

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Where are the kids?

...at the Splash-pad...it's too hot to do anything else...

How to stay cool...

I put the sprinkler out on the lawn last evening and Ben decided it would be a good way to ease the 35ÂșC heat by standing over it...I gotta say, it looks refreshing!


Ladybug (?)

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New climbing yellow rose. I am a little intimidated by this, my first rose. I have done a lot of reading on roses and they seem to be a lot of work. I hope that it is worth the effort. If anyone has any tips for growing roses, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.


Little Rascal

Ben and Liv spent the day with Nana today. Ben returned with a few souvenirs - a couple of skinned knees and this world class shiner...well done fella.

Bird on a wire

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Hanging on...

Morning Glory shoot clinging on to the trellis


Cappuccino Lily

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The Deck Problem

You see, we inherited this large, new deck when we bought the house 4 years ago and it is the bane of my summer existence because I always plan to powerwash it and stain it...but you know how it goes. Now the plants are too high around the perimeter to stain the lattice...yada yada yada...maybe next year...at least it looks OK disguised behind Mexican Feather Grass.

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How sweet it is...

Yes I am one of those sad Leafs fans that took ENORMOUS pleasure in watching the Senators flounder in the finals this year. HA HA HA HA...we are a pathetic bunch.
Photo is courtesy of the Anaheim Ducks home page.

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Columbine before it has coloured.

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