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No fear

Where did this kid come from? Our Ben has fear of nothing. Yes I understand that this Garter Snake we caught today is not much of a wild beast but the other day we were at the pet store and he was petting a huge African Rat Snake and a GIANT bird eating spider (as in, it is big enough to eat a bird!). Whatever it is that is flicked off (or on) in his nugget of a brain is definitely not from me or Nina. It is probably also why he has had 3 broken arms in the last two years.
The best comparison that I can make is to my late cousin David (coincidentally Ben's middle name is David, in memory). He also was a daredevil and feared little. He turned out to be a good man and husband but tragically died far too early in a car accident.
I see a lot of David's qualities in Ben, he has a big heart and he is a deep thinker for someone of a whole 6 years. While he challenges us some times with his antics, I know he is going to be a good man like David...as long as he stays off the monkey bars!

Western Fair 2009

Time for the classic annual Western Fair. The last few years I remember it being crummy weather during the fair, and although it threatened rain for the first little while, nothing ever came of it.
We had a great time; Trisha brought her kids which worked out well as the boys did the rides they wanted and the girls had theirs.
It was not quite as busy as I would have expected for the first night, but that's not to say that there weren't weirdos a plenty...and that is not to mention the carnies!

Weather cleared just as we got there

"Burning Man" stunt

This guy is apparently Canada's best stunt man; he went all the way around the track on 2 wheels

Dragon Coaster

WOO HOO! That ride was awesome!

Best friends

That is disgusting (No, I didn't have any)

Nina and Trish 'measuring up'

Ferris Wheel at night


Off he goes

Well, another summer gone means another school year arriving. Ben was off to grade 1 today. I took the day off to make sure he got off OK and that I could be home to pick him up at the bus stop. He seemed a little tenative at first but then he seemed to be better once he saw a couple familiar faces in his class from last year. Hope he has a great day.

Nervous smiles to start the day

Feeling a little better after seeing some old friends

Isaac used a little downtime during the hustle and bustle this morning to do some networking with his agent (aka Mom)


Sayonara Summertime

Well another summer come and gone...though the weather lately is the nicest stretch we have had all summer. Today we decided to pack up and head to the park for a picnic. Liv and Isaac braved the splashpad and Ben decided to hunt for dragonflies.

Change of heart

Taking a break

My beautiful bride

Me and Isaac


Mr. Toad's wild unfortunate ride

Well, to begin this tale let me first give you some context and let you know that I am on nights this week, which affords me the daytime hours to get some much needed work done around the yard. Re: said work, I was out in the front yard yesterday performing the old whipper snipper duties on the edge of the garden and inadvertantly sliced and diced a poor unseen garden toad quicker than a SlapChop! The poor thing pretty much died instantly but his innards (or at least part of them) ended up right in my mouth...after hours of gargling bleach I think I am fine now.