Welcome to my blog. Here I have tried to capture the adventures of our little family and the trials and tribulations of our never ending garden project(s). Take a look around and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by. Jer.


Brush with death...bunny-style

Nina was turning over this raised garden bed that we inherited with the new house in efforts to plant some strawberries and veggies...well it seems that the space is already spoken for as she just about decapitated half a warren of small bunnies (see location of pitch fork in pic)...maybe not the best place for a veggie garde. Now what to do with our new tenants?


Citizen of the Year

Ben was given the Citizen of the Year for his Kindergarten class today.


Good help found

...at least until the water runs out!


So here is the new front/side garden so far...going with an Asian/Woodland theme. The side along the house will be tall, narrow grasses I think. Nina suggested a water feature between the house and the weeping Jap. Maple and there is one that I like at Loblaw's so I think that will be added this weekend.


Step 2 (aka man's greatest achievement)

Ok, forget the car, space travel or the cell phone...by far, man's best achievement to date has got to be the sod cutter. Wow, what a cool machine. This probably would have taken me the better part of a day/weekend and the better part of a hernia to try and do this by hand...but with the sod cutter it was less than 1/2 hour to cut it, well worth every penny and more of the 60 dollar rental fee...the tough part was just rolling it up and setting it in the driveway; now if someone will just respond to my 'Free Sod' sign I can have my driveway back.