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Nina told me tonight that I need a picture of me on the blog...well here is one of my favourite pictures of me and Liv. This was taken last spring in Florida on the beach.


Yet more from the Pittsburgh trip...

This is the group that went to the Penguins/Leafs game. It was a good time despite the Leafs performance.

Kyle at the 'gun show'

This is Kyle and a couple of the ushers from the Penguins game. Is it just me or is that guy on the right a dead ringer for Jacques Demers?


Best buds

Ben and Quinton playing in the backyard

Rosey Cheeks


And baby makes 5!

Well it is official - I can finally post the news now that everyone knows...we are having another baby! We are expecting the new arrival in early July...we are all very excited. Ben and Olivia are constantly asking when the new baby is going to be here. Ben has graciously decided that the new baby can have the name Ben...he will be Super Mario.

Black and (paper)white


Ice storm

We awoke to a nice discovery this morning...everything was covered in about 1/8" of ice. Needless to say it was white knuckle driving around today, but no mishaps to report.


Pinball Wizard

You remember when you were a kid and the adults always marveled at your Nintendo skills?...yeah well Ben is giving me a run for the money on Windows Pinball now..he is 3...I am so old...


More pics from Pittsburgh

Here are a few more pics that I took during my walk on Sunday morning.



I haven't had a chance to post in a while, but we recently returned from a weekend trip to Pittsburgh and I had some pics to post. I went down with Jason, Kyle and Beau on Friday and we watched the Leafs self destruct to the benefit of the Pittsburgh/Kansas City/Waterloo Penguins.
The girls (Nina, April and Britney) arrived around 1:30 that night.
The trip was highlighted by Beau eating about a pound of bleu cheese for a 20 dollar (16 in reality) stipend.
The hotel we stayed in was beautiful - well done Jason.
I got up early Sunday morning and went for a walk in downtown to get some pics of the buildings around.