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Spring conversations

The neighbourhood is full of robins - the true harbingers of spring's arrival.

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Our trip to Niagara this weekend reminded me of some good times there. Going through my archives I found this picture from Sean's wedding last year. I love the semi terrified look on Sean's face. Good times! WOO WOO!

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On the brink

I had a summer job at the IMAX theatre in Niagara and I remember the story told in the movie about the young boy who was swept up and sent over the edge with just a life vest on...and lived.

Although I grew up there, I always find it a humbling experience to stand at the brink of this mighty wonder as you realize your insignificance in comparison to it's power.

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The weight of water

We took a drive down to the Falls after visiting my parents and Kyle today. It was amazing to see the ice formed from the mist on everything stationary nearby.

Where there's a will....

Picture of trumpet vine at my parents house - it has enforced it's will on the lattice and everything else's feeble attempt to impede it's skyward journey.


14ºC !!!

Ben and Liv got to play outside today for the first time in a while...it was 14ºC out this afternoon. Most of the snow is gone, we need a good rain now to clean everything up.



Signs of spring...

We had a beautiful warm sunny day today. Nina noticed that we have new tenants in our birdhouse this week as well. With the clock springing ahead last night it is nice to see it still light out at almost 7:30.


Dead man walking (a.k.a. the groom)

It seems like such a short time ago that little Kyle was climbing into the pots and pans cupboard and pulling them all out to play with in the kitchen...oh wait that was last week...just kidding. Despite me dropping him on his cranium when he was a baby, he has turned out to be just fine...

Sharp dressed men...

It was time to get fit for our tuxedos for Kyle's wedding. Ben and I are in the wedding party so we got all measured up today. The good news is if it rains my coat and pants can be used to shelter the wedding party...man, I've gotta lose some lbs.