Welcome to my blog. Here I have tried to capture the adventures of our little family and the trials and tribulations of our never ending garden project(s). Take a look around and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by. Jer.


Sunday photo tour

I have been out for the last couple Sunday's now taking pictures in the rural areas around us. Here is the latest batch from today.


Toboggan party

Ben and I went to a toboggan party today (Liv still has chicken pox). It was a great time

It's a GIRL!

Well Nina had another ultrasound booked this week and we found out that we are having another girl! This picture is at 19 weeks.


Birds of a feather

These two showed up on the deck this afternoon.

Winter Rush

This one looks best in full size. Click on picture to view full size.

Frozen Thames

Better days