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Quiet moments

Getting Ben ready for the wedding

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Down the garden path...

Path at Whitehern Manor, Hamilton; where Kyle and Britney had their wedding photos done.



Wedding Day

Well it came and went so fast that it is hard to believe but little bro Kyle is now a married man. Everything went pretty smoothly. The rain held off for pics and the reception was a good time; got to see a bunch of faces that I hadn't seen in some time. CONGRATS KYLE AND BRITNEY!


Iris addiction

I may have a problem...I am now officially addicted to irises. From top to bottom these are my new ones:
Top: Silverado
Middle: Cesar's Brother
Bottom: Variegated

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Cheezborger, Cheezborger, Cheezborger...

One of the highlights of the Chi Town trip last week was a lunch at The Billy Goat Tavern. The dude working the counter is worth the price of admission.

This place has a ton of cool history (see below for excerpt from Wikipedia)

As the story goes, Billy Sianis, a Greek immigrant (from Paleopyrgos, Greece), who owned a nearby tavern (the now-famous Billy Goat Tavern), had two $7.20 box seat tickets to Game 4 of the 1945 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers, and decided to bring along his pet goat, Murphy (or Sinovia according to some references), which Sianis had restored to health when the goat had fallen off a truck and subsequently limped into his tavern. The goat wore a blanket with a sign pinned to it which read "We got Detroit's goat". Sianis and the goat were allowed into Wrigley Field and even paraded about on the playing field before the game before ushers intervened and led them off the field. After a heated argument, both Sianis and the goat were permitted to stay in the stadium occupying the box seat for which he had tickets. At this point, Andy Frain (head of Wrigley Field's hired security company at the time), waved the goat's box-seat ticket in the air and proclaimed "If he eats the ticket that would solve everything.". However, the goat did not. Before the game was over, Sianis and the goat were ejected from the stadium at the command of Cubs owner Philip Knight Wrigley due to the animal's objectionable odor. Sianis was outraged at the ejection and allegedly placed a curse upon the Cubs that they would never win another pennant or play in a World Series at Wrigley Field again because the Cubs organization had insulted his goat, and subsequently left the U.S. to vacation in his home in Greece.

The Cubs lost Game 4 and eventually the 1945 World Series, prompting Sianis to write to Wrigley from Greece, saying, "Who stinks now?" Following a third-place finish in the National League in 1946, the Cubs would finish in the league's second division for the next 20 consecutive years. This streak finally ended in 1967, the year after Leo Durocher became the club's manager. Since that time, the supposedly cursed Cubs have not won a National League pennant or played in a World Series – the longest pennant drought in Major League history. Sianis died in 1970.


Ghost Fern

Fiddlehead from Osterich Fern


This is Sue from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. It is the most complete skeleton of a T-Rex ever found.

Jason, Lee, Beau and Kyle in the background.

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John Hancock Center

It was a pretty cool trip up to the top of the John Hancock Center. It is 94 floors to the observation deck and from the top you can see 80 miles in all directions, spanning 4 states.

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Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose!

Check one off my list...finally got to Wrigley. What an awesome place to watch a game; the place oozes baseball.

Unfortunately, for the home team it was one, two, three runs against in the first inning...

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The Windy City

Well, I am back from the boy's weekend in Chicago. What a great time! Over the next few posts I will put up some of the pics that summarize the trip.

Good to be home, I really missed Nina and the kids.

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'Northern Lights' Azalea

This will be the last Garden photo for a few days. I am off the Chicago for the weekend with the boys, so I should have a bunch of good pics when I get back. We are going to the Cubs game and I hope to get a tour of Wrigley. See you soon!

New tulip


Dragon Claw

New leaf on Dragon Claw Japanese Maple after watering this evening.

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Around the yard

Some pics of the progress of things around the yard.

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Serviceberry bloom

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