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Le but!

Part of the trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend included a trip to the Igloo to watch the Pens and Habs. It was a pretty entertaining game, with Carey Price stealing the show for me. Montreal pulled it out 3-2.

Fish boy

Not sure when Ben decided he liked water...this is the kid that used to wear goggles in the bath...but this weekend at the hotel he was totally fearless in the pool.


Trip to National Aviary in Pittsburgh

During our 4 days in Pittsburgh, we took the kids to the National Aviary for a visit. It was a little smaller than I imagined, but worth the trip. Here are a few of our favourites.

There were two Golden Eagles at the aviary, by far the most impressive (we thought), absolutely HUGE and magnificent.

This was an Ibis of some sort that I have forgotten, a little ugly but I kinda liked him.

This is an actual Cuckoo. I like this guy too.

This American Flamingo was hilarious. He was quite territorial and tried to intimidate us with his posturing and feather ruffling.


Winter joy with a touch of procrastination

Olivia launches off the deck into the deep snow...and yes that is my wheelbarrow in the background...and now I feel shame.

Oh, and another thing....

After re-examining this shot, I love the look on the male's face as the female gives him the business. I have no idea what he must be feeling...no honey, really,...oh man.


Rare visitors on a snowy day

We had these American Tree Sparrows visit our feeder today. Actually, it was a really good turn out, must be all the snow - we got about 8" today. There were Cardinals, Juncos, Sparrows, Chickadees and of course the loathed Starlings.



Gold Coin Scots Pine

Dragon's Eye Pine

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Japanese Maple 'Inabe Shidare'

Japanese Maple 'Aconitifolium'

Already starting on my wishlist for next year. I just need to decide whether I want a Japanese influenced woodland garden, or a Woodland influenced Japanese garden. Unfortunately, I have not kept track of where I have compiled all of these photos, so thanks in posterity to those shown here.

The reward

Interesting fact about Chickadees is that they weigh the seeds before choosing which one to eat.


The Yardbirds

Starling swarm

Dark-eyed Junco with sunflower seed

Black Cap Chickadee at peanut feeder