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No fear

Where did this kid come from? Our Ben has fear of nothing. Yes I understand that this Garter Snake we caught today is not much of a wild beast but the other day we were at the pet store and he was petting a huge African Rat Snake and a GIANT bird eating spider (as in, it is big enough to eat a bird!). Whatever it is that is flicked off (or on) in his nugget of a brain is definitely not from me or Nina. It is probably also why he has had 3 broken arms in the last two years.
The best comparison that I can make is to my late cousin David (coincidentally Ben's middle name is David, in memory). He also was a daredevil and feared little. He turned out to be a good man and husband but tragically died far too early in a car accident.
I see a lot of David's qualities in Ben, he has a big heart and he is a deep thinker for someone of a whole 6 years. While he challenges us some times with his antics, I know he is going to be a good man like David...as long as he stays off the monkey bars!

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