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Goodbye to the Noughties

Well another decade is just peeking over the horizon. The Noughties, or O-O's (2000-2009) have been quite eventful to say the least. In 2000 we moved from my hometown Niagara Falls to London. 2003 brought our first child Benjamin and our first house. 2005 brought our daughter Olivia. 2006 put me over the 30 year hump (never to recover). Isaac followed in 2007, also the year that Nina and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. In 2008 we purchased what we plan to be the home that we raise our children in.
I worked at three different places during the decade, Metaldyne, Keiper and Brose (currently).
I have battled my Crohn's throughout, although the last couple of years have been easier than the early 2000's.
Family has changed significantly during the decade; my brother Kyle married Britney in a beautiful wedding and they remain very much in love. However, the same cannot be said for Nina's side of the family; the decade saw the dissolution of three marriages, sadly all with children as casualties. Happily both sets of our parents are still fairly healthy and a major part of our lives.
Good friends have had changes also, with marriage and children coming along. Some have moved further away, some remain close.
Thankfully I have been blessed to travel through the decade with my beautiful wife Nina, growing closer every step along the way.
Bring on the Twenty Tens, or Tweenies, or whatever.


O.I.M said...

all the best in the new year. may it bring lots of happiness...and everything on your garden wish list.

Anonymous said...

Crohn's? Have you read Elaine Gottschall's book?