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Pining for this

Pinus Contorta 'Chief Joseph'. The holy grail of my conifer want list...turns school bus yellow in winter...the colder the better. Haven't found a source for this one yet north of the 49th parallel. The search continues.

*have found Pinus Sylvestris Gold Coin which would be a worthy substitute


garcan said...

Yeah, I would like to have a Chief Joseph as well.
My Pinus Sylvestris 'Wolting's Gold' looks a little more bright golden than your 'Gold Coin' in winter. May be it's just a difference in the time when the pictures are taken. Is the picture you showed taken in mid-winter or early spring?

Jeremy said...

Hi there GarCan...thanks for the comment. Actually the Gold Coin is a borrowed picture. What I meant is that I have found a source in Canada for this tree if I cannot find the Chief Joseph. BTW, I was poking around your website...very nice!

garcan said...

Hi Jeremy,
Good luck with your hunt for Chief Joseph. If I came across it first, I will let you know.

Jeremy said...

Great! Likewise.

Anonymous said...

Hi: Thanks for your pictures. Gorgeous. Could you advise what is that tree with red leaves or flowers behind Chief Joseph?