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Mom and Dad's new garden plan *UPDATED*

Mom has asked me to help with their front garden at their new place. Attached is my first draft. Mostly purple and white themed - I hope they like it.

UPDATED: After getting some better info about their front yard location and surroundings I think their front is much more suited to partial to full shade plants. Hence the update. I think I might switch the Witch Hazel and Pagoda Dogwood, but we'll see.


Owin & Irena said...

that plan looks great. do you use some sort of garden design software? I could really use some design help with a patch of front lawn I want to convert into garden.

Jeremy said...

Thanks O&I. I use SmartDraw 7 for the garden planning. It is nice because you can get the true scale of what the plan size will look like. All the best with your project.

hw said...

I imagine that your garden plans are nearly as artistic as the the actual planting itself.