Welcome to my blog. Here I have tried to capture the adventures of our little family and the trials and tribulations of our never ending garden project(s). Take a look around and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks for stopping by. Jer.


Black Gold

The first step for the front/side yard is 4 yards of 3 way mix soil. This lot is made with black loam, manure and mushroom compost which apparently is naturally weed free (at least to start)...and from the scent wafting into the garage, I am sure that the manure content is pretty high.


Owin & Irena said...

how exciting for you...the start of a brand new garden!!! I'm sure it will look great and the neighbours will be oohing and ahhing in no time. have fun. i know I would.

Northern Shade said...

It's exciting to be planning a new garden, even if it can seem overwhelming, what fun. I keep expanding my garden beds, but they still look small from a distance.