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Hosta parade

Well, if the grey skies and misty rain are good for nothing else, the hostas really seem not to mind. Below is my current inventory in no particular order (Ok, it's reverse alphabetical). Some are a little worse for wear from slugs and maybe too much sun for some, but others are really flourishing and Thunderbolt is my new favourite.

Got this one from an open garden tour. He also grows his own hostas.

Close second to being favourite.

Seems to be doing well in it's second year.

Gotta learn how to pronounce this one.

New favourite.

More tease, less strip this year.

Rather unremarkable, except for the red petioles.

Another cool one, although looks like it is reverting in some areas.

Not thrilled with this one.

Looking pretty rough, hopefully bounces back in year two.

This one was a gift from my neighbour Marianne when we moved in. Her garden is amazing.


Sport of Striptease. Doing well in year 1.

Think this one might be a little big for where I have it now.

Super fast grower and nice flowers.

I have three of these...can't remember why.

Also from the garden tour that I got Zounds at. That was my dream garden...mom and dad came with and agreed.

Hopefully this one 'boldly goes' a little more next year.

This one scares me a little, saw one yesterday and it gets HUGE!

Another classic.

This one is doing very poorly this year and it is right by the front door taunting me.

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