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Two new coneflowers on the wishlist for 09

One of the better garden centres in the area posted their 09 online catalogue today and I found 2 new coneflower (echinacea) that I want to add to my collection. The first is called Hot Papaya and is a double orange flower, the other is Milk Shake which is a double creamy white flower. Both are pretty pricey right now...have to wait for year end sales I guess.

Milk Shake

Hot Papaya


O.I.M said...

perennials can be incredibly pricey. I saw a hellebore on the weekend for $24.99!!!! and it was a modest size at best. I like to wait for the year end sales too and have taken a liking to growing from seed. alas sometimes the temptation is too great and before I know it my $24.99 is gone.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I hear you. These ones are 29.99...but I am sure I will cave at some point.