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End of season bargains

Was out at my favourite haunt and found this great deal on bamboo. I have been wanting to take the bamboo plunge but the price was always the necessary deterrent. Well, now it is 75% off, so the 69.99 was a lot more tolerable at 17.50! It is phyllostachys bissetti (David Bissetti Bamboo). Has anybody tried this one yet? I have a place for it already but it will have to wait until spring, for now it will winter in the holding tank with all my other end of season bargains.

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Layanee said...

I have three Fargesia bamboo which are clump forming but haven't taken the monetary plunge for the Phyllostachys yet. I do love them for the culms and bamboo poles you will get from them and they make a wonderful sound in the breeze. Can't wait to see where you plant it.