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I love Kijiji

This past Saturday Nina found someone on Kijiji (free local online classified website) giving away free trees. I had no idea that it would be this big! It was a bit of an ordeal digging it out by hand and planting it the same night, but worth it. I hope it takes the transplant OK; I inadvertantly cut a couple of the roots when digging it up but it seems to be doing OK other than a couple drooping candles on the top. I have been giving it lots to drink every day and the rain has helped as well...not sure how long it will take to let me know whether it is going to make it or not, so for now it is a waiting game. The same lady had another White Pine a little smaller than this one and a Blue Spruce probably about 14 feet tall but I did not have the room or the back to tackle those.
The spruce in this picture is a Baby Blue Spruce...supposed to stay fairly narrow and get about 18' tall.

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